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Arts & Design solidThinking & Inspired v8.5 (2011/ENG)

Posted on 2011-04-21

Name:Arts & Design solidThinking & Inspired v8.5 (2011/ENG)
File size:681 Mb
File Size: 681 MB
Other Info: solidThinking & Inspired v8.5 (2011/ENG)
   Arts & Design solidThinking & Inspired v8.5 (2011/ENG)

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The new version of the editor SolidThinking acquired several new features such as progressive rendering, real-time rendering, support for NURBS, improved management of scaling and rotation model, support high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) ... But perhaps the most interesting "trick" the editor began the so-called "technology morphogenesis.

As reported by the developers in its press release, thanks to technology morphogenesis program is trying to repeat the process and the physical laws of nature. Thus, the designer provides tools for appointment of a process computer model in a particular computing environment. Thus, the user SolidThinking Inspired an opportunity to "grow" model is just asking basic foundations of its future shape.


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Company SolidThinking released major updates for its two packages SolidThinking 8.5 and SolidThinking Inspired 8.5. These applications are addressed to industrial designers, can be used for creating and rendering photorealistic three-dimensional models of future products and eliminate the need for physical prototypes.

Innovative tools and features introduced in version SolidThinking 8.5, allows professionals to work more productively, as well as significantly improve the quality of rendering 3D-models. Including the attention of users requested an extended library of materials with easy navigation tools and preview the three-dimensional scenes overlaid with light. Designers can also easily create their own library materials.

Progressive rendering algorithms, and rendering in real time provides the opportunity to interact with three-dimensional scene on the stage to preview and render. The new version includes support for complex shaders that are suitable for modeling of reflective surfaces and materials such as metal, iced glass, car paint, etc.

The application allows re-rendering of selected areas of the picture. The package also includes a new wizard that will help users choose the best unit of measure and determine the allowable error (tolerances) with the size of the model. Specialists will be able to use the new 3D-manipulators for more accurate scaling, rotating and moving objects.

An update available for the product SolidThinking Inspired proposes to assess an integrated technology Morphogenesis Technology. This development is responsible for the simulation of various natural processes and, for example, allows you to simulate the biological growth and transformation of an object placed in a specific environment.

The list of improvements, provided in version 8.0 also includes NURBS-tools for conceptual design, the possibility of presenting the entire design process in a tree structure, as well as tools for more accurate editing of model parameters.

The new version SolidThinking Inspired tightly integrated with leading CAD solutions, as well as computer-aided modeling and manufacturing and supports rendering technology in real time

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