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乔治布什自传 Celebrity Biographies 乔治布什自传
Tags : 乔治布什   自传   , Posted on 2010-04-28
乔治.布什自传 Celebrity Biographies 自传
作者的话 就像附着配料说明的食品一样,每本写华盛顿的书都应该在醒目的位 置附上一篇让读者有权了解其内容的简介。 我明确地告诉读者,如果你打开这本书,以为它又是一本关于里根政 府 “内幕”的书,描述椭圆形办公室秘密会议上未经透露的秘密、内阁成员 的 ...  
Tags : None, Posted on 2010-04-28
George Sand(乔治·桑传) George Sand(·桑传)
P2 George Sand 2 First published in 1910. This volume is dedicated to Madame L. Landouzy with gratitude and affection This book is not intended as a study of George Sand.It is merely a series of chapters touching on various aspects of her l ...  
Tags : Sand   乔治   George   , Posted on 2010-04-27
乔治·布什自传 Celebrity Biographies ·自传
《乔治·布什自传》 作者:乔治·布什  
Tags : 乔治   , Posted on 2010-04-28
Silas Marner George Eliot(乔治艾略特) Silas Marner George Eliot(艾略特)
P2 SILAS MARNER 2 PART ONEP3 SILAS MARNER 3 CHAPTER IIn the days when the spinning-wheels hummed busily in the farmhouses-- and even great ladies, clothed in silk and thread-lace, had their toy spinning-wheels of polished oak--there might b ...  
Tags : Silas   Eliot   George   乔治艾略特   Marner   , Posted on 2010-04-27
The Moravians in Georgia(莫罗维恩在乔治亚) The Moravians in Georgia(莫罗维恩在亚)
P2 The Moravians in Georgia 2 Chapter I. Antecedent Events. The Province of Georgia. It was in the year 1728 that the English Parliament was persuaded by James Oglethorpe, Esq. -- soldier, statesman and philanthropist, -- to appoint a commi ...  
Tags : 莫罗维恩   乔治亚   Georgia   Moravians   , Posted on 2010-04-27
P2 GEORGE SILVERMAN'S EXPLANATION 2 FIRST CHAPTER IT happened in this wise - But, sitting with my pen in my hand looking at those words again, without descrying any hint in them of the words that should follow, it comes into my mind that th ...  
Tags : EXPLANATION   GEORGE   乔治斯尔曼   SILVERMAN   , Posted on 2010-04-27
乔治·西默农侦探推理作品集 Detective ·西默农侦探推理作品集
乔治·西默农是比利时的著名作家。1903年出生于比利时的列士市,15岁因丧父失学,16岁进《列士日报》做记者,同年发表处女作《在拱桥上》,被誉为少年天才。1922年西默农赴法国巴黎,致力于文学创作,他一生共写了300多部小说,绝大部分是侦探 ...  
Tags : 乔治   , Posted on 2010-04-27

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