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70-290 And 70-291 Simulations Study 70-290 And 70-291 Simulations
Tags : Simulations   , Posted on 2010-04-29
70-290 Dr.z Simulations IT Certification 70-290 Dr.z Simulations
Tags : Simulations   , Posted on 2010-04-15
70-294 Simulations Answers ! Study 70-294 Simulations Answers !
Tags : Answers   Simulations   , Posted on 2010-04-29
Scientific Modeling and Simulations Scientific Modeling and Simulations
Springer; 2009; ISBN: 1402097409; 402 pages; PDF; 11,1 MB The conceptualization of a problem (modeling) and the computational solution of this problem (simulation), is the foundation of Computational Science. This coupled endeavor ...  
Tags : Modeling   Scientific   Simulations   , Posted on 2010-04-13
Plurigaussian Simulations in Geosciences Plurigaussian Simulations in Geosciences
Margaret Armstrong, "Plurigaussian Simulations in Geosciences"Publisher: S---ger; 2011; ISBN: 3642196063; PDF; 186 pages; 4.6 MBSimulation is the fastest developing branch of geostatistics and simulating facies inside reservoirs and or ...  
Tags : None, Posted on 2011-07-25
Simulations of God: The Science of Belief Simulations of God: The Science of Belief
depositfiles filepost   
Tags : None, Posted on 2012-01-28
Computer Simulations of Dislocations Computer Simulations of Dislocations
Vasily Bulatov, Wei Cai “Computer Simulations of Dislocations" Oxford University Press, USA; 2006-12-11; ISBN: 0198526148; 304 pages; PDF; 4,1 MB This book presents a broad collection of models and computational methods - from at ...  
Tags : Computer   Dislocations   Simulations   , Posted on 2010-04-11
Simulations and the Future of Learning Simulations and the Future of Learning
Clark AldrichSimulations and the Future of Learning:An Innovative (and Perhaps Revolutionary) Approach to e-LearningPfeiffer; ISBN 0-7879-6962-1; 2003; 322 pages; PDF; 1.7 MBSimulations and the Future of Learning offers trainers and ed ...  
Tags : Learning   Future   Simulations   , Posted on 2010-04-15
Large-Eddy Simulations of Turbulence Science/Engineering Large-Eddy Simulations of Turbulence
M. Lesieur, O. Métais, P. Comte , "Large-Eddy Simulations of Turbulence"Cambridge University Press; 2005-08-22; ISBN: 0521781248; 232 pages; PDF; 14.3 MB“Large-Eddy Simulations of Turbulence is an ideal introduction for people n ...  
Tags : Turbulence   Simulations   , Posted on 2010-03-16
Numerical Simulations of Incompressible Flows Science/Engineering Numerical Simulations of Incompressible Flows
M. M. Hafez, "Numerical Simulations of Incompressible Flows" World Scientific Pub Co Inc; 2003; ISBN: 9812383174; 708 pages; PDF; 50,6 MB This book consists of 37 articles dealing with simulation of incompressible flows and applica ...  
Tags : Flows   Numerical   Simulations   , Posted on 2010-03-15
SHAHER'S CCS Simulations CD USMLE STEP 3CD ROM; 89.5 MB; RAR This program is not to evaluate your performance. This program is made to show you where to click and what to do next.Product Description:This program will provide you an opport ...  
Tags : STEP   SHAHER   SIMULATIONS   USMLE   , Posted on 2010-08-03
Simulations for Assessment, Training, and Development Technical Simulations for Assessment, Training, and Development
Julie Hay, "Simulations for Assessment, Training, and Development" HRD Press, Inc.; 2009; ISBN: 1599961695, 1599964619; 602 pages; PDF; 1,5 MB This manual contains four sets of job simulation exercises, each comprising a number of ...  
Tags : Assessment   Training   Development   Simulations   , Posted on 2010-09-02

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