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A Course in Phonetics Study A Course in Phonetics
Peter Ladefoged, "A Course in Phonetics" Wadsworth Publishing; 4 ed; 2000; ISBN: 0155073192; 304 pages; PDF; 25,3 MB The easy to understand approach builds on the basics, beginning with technical terms required for describing speec ...  
Tags : Phonetics   Course   , Posted on 2010-03-16
Understanding Phonetics Novel Understanding Phonetics
Download link: Filesonic Filepost  
Tags : None, Posted on 2012-01-03
An Introduction To Phonetics Technical An Introduction To Phonetics
Parviz Birjandi, An Introduction To PhoneticsZabankadeh Publications; 2005; ISBN: 9646117570; Pages: 192; PDF; 1.9MBAn introduction to Phonetics is designed to help EFL learners to achieve native-like pronunciation:Chapter one deals wi ...  
Tags : Phonetics   Introduction   , Posted on 2010-08-18
A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics
A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics A Dictionary of Linguistics and PhoneticsA Dictionary of Linguistics and PhoneticsWiley-Blackwell; 2008; ISBN: 1405152974, 1405152966; 560 pages; PDF; 14 MBDavid Crystal?s A Dictionary of L ...  
Tags : Phonetics   Linguistics   Dictionary   , Posted on 2010-06-19
Acoustic Phonetics (repost) Study Acoustic Phonetics (repost)
KN Stevens, "Acoustic Phonetics" The MIT Press; 1999; ISBN: 026219404X; PDF; 615 pages; 27,3 MB This long-awaited work presents a theory of speech-sound generation in the human vocal system. The comprehensive acoustic theory serves ...  
Tags : Phonetics   repost   Acoustic   , Posted on 2010-03-16
A Dictionary of Phonetics and Phonology Encyclopedias A Dictionary of Phonetics and Phonology
R.L. Trask, "A Dictionary of Phonetics and Phonology" Routledge; 1995; ISBN: 041511261; 448 pages; PDF; 4,3 MB This dictionary of technical terms covers nearly 1600 terms and includes a full bibliography. Each word is provided with ...  
Tags : Phonology   Phonetics   Dictionary   , Posted on 2010-06-23
An Introduction to English Phonetics Technical An Introduction to English Phonetics
Richard Ogden, "An Introduction to English Phonetics" Edinburgh University Press; 2009; ISBN: 0748625402, 0748625410; 160 pages; PDF; 10,9 MB This book introduces readers to the sounds of spoken English, covering phonetic represent ...  
Tags : Phonetics   Introduction   English   , Posted on 2010-08-18
Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics Study Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics
David Crystal, "Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics" Wiley-Blackwell; 2008; ISBN: 1405152974, 1405152966; 560 pages; PDF; 3 MB Review"Much more than a dictionary, this impressive work of judicious scholarship is virtually a cours ...  
Tags : Phonetics   Linguistics   Dictionary   , Posted on 2010-03-16
Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics Technical Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics
Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics Wiley-Blackwell; 2 edition (January 17, 2003); ISBN: 1405101237; 192 pages; PDF; 17 MBAcoustic and Auditory Phonetics provides an accessible yet rigorous introduction to basic acoustics, audition, signal ...  
Tags : Phonetics   Acoustic   Auditory   , Posted on 2010-09-13
Methods in Clinical Phonetics Methods in Clinical Phonetics
Methods in Clinical PhoneticsWiley; May 15, 2001; ISBN-10: 1861561849; 136 pages; PDF; 1.2 MBThis is the first book in a series entitled Methods in Speech and Language Disorders, edited by Martin Ball, University of Louisiana at Lafaye ...  
Tags : None, Posted on 2011-01-12
The Phonetics of English and Dutch Study The Phonetics of English and Dutch
Beverley Collins, Inger M. Mees “The Phonetics of English and Dutch" Brill Academic Publishers; 2003-06; ISBN:9004132252; PDF; 376 pages; 1,3 Mb This book provides a complete introductory course on the Phonetics of English and Dutc ...  
Tags : Phonetics   Dutch   English   , Posted on 2010-03-15
Critical Introduction to Phonetics Study Critical Introduction to Phonetics
Ken Lodge, "Critical Introduction to Phonetics" Continuum; 2009; ISBN: 0826488730, 0826488749; 256 pages; PDF; 10,8 MB This work presents a new stance on the presentation of basic phonetic skills for students of linguistics, using ...  
Tags : Phonetics   Introduction   Critical   , Posted on 2010-04-01

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