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Matrices Technical Matrices
Author: Denis SerrePublisher: SpringerPublish Date: 21 August, 2002ISBN: 0387954600  
Tags : Matrices   , Posted on 2010-03-15
Handbook of Matrices Science/Engineering Handbook of Matrices
Handbook of MatricesByHelmut LütkepohlPublisher: Wiley; 1996; 320 Pages; ISBN: 0471970158; PDF; 26.65 MB“Matrices are used in many areas such as staustics, econometrics, mathematics, natural sciences and engineering. This handbo ...  
Tags : Handbook   Matrices   , Posted on 2010-03-16
Matrices and Transformations Science/Engineering Matrices and Transformations
Anthony J. Pettofrezzo “Matrices and Transformations" Dover Publications; 1978-06-01 ; ISBN: 0486636348; 133 pages; Djvu; 1,1 MB This text stresses the use of Matrices in study of transformations of the plane. Familiarizes reader ...  
Tags : Matrices   , Posted on 2010-03-15
Determinants and Matrices Technical Determinants and Matrices
Basic methods and concepts are introduced. From the table of contents: Preliminaries; Determinants; Matrices; Vector spaces. Rank of a matrix; Linear Spaces; Hermitian/Quadratic forms; More about determinants and Matrices; Similarity.  
Tags : Determinants   Matrices   , Posted on 2010-03-17
The Theory of Matrices Science/Engineering The Theory of Matrices
C. C. Mac Duffee “The Theory of Matrices" Chelsea Publishing Company; 1946; ISBN: B000OLIH82; Djvu; 110 pages; 2,9 Mb The Theory of MatricesBy C. C. Mac DuffeeRare book. Publication Date: 1946 depositfiles.com easy-share ---N ...  
Tags : Theory   Matrices   , Posted on 2010-03-15
Graphs and Matrices Technical Graphs and Matrices
Graphs and Matrices Publisher: Springer; ISBN: 1848829809; edition 2010; PDF; 171 pages; 1,2 mbGraphs and Matrices provides a welcome addition to the rapidly expanding selection of literature in this field. As the title suggests, the ...  
Tags : Graphs   Matrices   , Posted on 2010-07-31
Mathematics of Matrices Mathematics of Matrices
Philip J. Davis, "Mathematics of Matrices" MgH; 1973; ISBN: 0471009288, 0536009287, 0898747562; 348 pages; PDF; 13 MB Preface to the Second EditionTHE USE OF Matrices has now extended beyond mathematics and the physical sciences to ...  
Tags : Mathematics   Matrices   , Posted on 2010-03-16
A Textbook of Matrices A Textbook of Matrices
Hari Kishan, "A Textbook of Matrices" Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd; 2008; ISBN: 8126910011; 467 pages; PDF; 12,8 MB A matrix is an ordered set of numbers listed in rectangular form having certain rows and columns. ...  
Tags : Textbook   Matrices   , Posted on 2010-04-09
Nonnegative Matrices Nonnegative Matrices
Nonnegative MatricesPublisher: Wiley-Interscience; English; DJVU; 1988; 218 pages; ISBN: 0471839663; 1.48 MBThis text/reference is the most up-to-date volume on nonnegative Matrices in print and presents much material that was previou ...  
Tags : Matrices   Nonnegative   , Posted on 2010-12-09
Log-Gases and Random Matrices Technical Log-Gases and Random Matrices
Peter J. Forrester, "Log-Gases and Random Matrices" Princeton University Press; 2010; ISBN: 0691128294, 1400835410; 808 pages; PDF; 5,3 MB Random matrix theory, both as an application and as a theory, has evolved rapidly over the p ...  
Tags : Random   Matrices   , Posted on 2010-09-09
Matrices - Theory and Applications Audiobooks & Video Training Matrices - Theory and Applications
Denis Serre, "Matrices - Theory and Applications" Sp-r; 2002; ISBN: 0387954600; 202 pages; Djvu; 1,1 MB In this book, Denis Serre begins by providing a clean and concise introduction to the basic theory of Matrices. He then goes on ...  
Tags : Theory   Applications   Matrices   , Posted on 2010-10-31
An Introduction to Random Matrices Technical An Introduction to Random Matrices
Greg W. Anderson, Alice Guionnet, Ofer Zeitouni, "An Introduction to Random Matrices" Cambridge University Press; 2009; ISBN: 0521194520, 0511787804; 506 pages; PDF; 2,3 MB The theory of random Matrices plays an important role in m ...  
Tags : Introduction   Random   Matrices   , Posted on 2010-08-07

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