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U-boat Combat Missions: The Pursuers and the Pursued - First-hand Accounts of U-boat Life and Operations History/Military U-Boat Combat Missions: The Pursuers and the Pursued - First-hand Accounts of U-Boat Life and Operations
U-Boat Combat Missions: The Pursuers and the Pursued - First-hand Accounts of U-Boat Life and Operations By Lawrence PatersonPublisher: Chatham Publishing 2007; 160 Pages; ISBN: 1861763204; PDF; 69 MBThis book is not about the war ...  
Tags : Combat   Accounts   Missions   Operations   , Posted on 2010-03-16
U-Boat 977: The U-Boat that Escaped to Argentina (Fortunes of War) History/Military U-Boat 977: The U-Boat that Escaped to Argentina (Fortunes of War)
Heinz Schaeffer, "U-Boat 977: The U-Boat that Escaped to Argentina (Fortunes of War)"Publisher: Cerberus Publishing Ltd; 2005; ISBN 1841450278; PDF; 99 pages; 1.2 MBThis was first published in English in 1952 amid great controversy. Ni ...  
Tags : Argentina   Escaped   Fortunes   , Posted on 2010-03-16
Three men in a boat Audiobooks & Video Training Three men in a Boat
Three men in a BoatEnglish; 395 min; VBR 320 or higher kbps; MP3; 455 MBPublished in 1889, this is a humorous account by Jerome K. Jerome of a Boating holiday on the Thames between Kingston and Oxford.The book was initially intended to ...  
Tags : boat   Three   , Posted on 2010-04-14
Type XXI U-Boat History/Military Type XXI U-Boat
Type XXI U-Boat (Anatomy of the Ship) By Fritz Kohl, Eberhard RosslerPublisher: Naval Institute Press 1991; 127 Pages; ISBN: 1557508291; PDF; 72 MBThis is the fourth book in the truly excellent "Anatomy of the Ship" series which I ha ...  
Tags : Type   , Posted on 2010-03-16
U-Boat War Movies Audiobooks & Video Training U-Boat War Movies
U-Boat War MoviesDVD Rip; DivX; mp3@128; 720x576; English sub in fileEnigma => 1:03 GB; Time 1:58:48In Enemy Hands => 895 MB; Time 1:33:20The Enemy Below => 936 MB; Time 1:37:34The Last U-Boat => 991 MB; Time 1:43:16U571 => 1.8 GB ...  
Tags : Movies   , Posted on 2010-08-03
How to Design a Boat,2 Ed Technical How to Design a Boat,2 Ed
John Teale, "1998 to Design a Boat,2 Ed" Adlard Coles Nautical; 2009; ISBN: 0713649143; 160 pages; PDF; 32,4 MB Summary: Boat DESIGN FOR THE REST OF USRating: 5I had an earlier copy of Teale's book on yacht design and this one is a ...  
Tags : Boat   Design   , Posted on 2010-08-18
Boat (2009) Audiobooks & Video Training Boat (2009)
Boat (2009)DVDRip XviD – BeFRee; AVI; Korean; Sub: English; 1h 54min; 1.38 GB; 640x352; XVID - 1241kbps; AC3 - 448kbpsGenre: Action; DramaKorean smuggler Hyung Gu (Ha Jung Woo) regularly Boats to Japan under the orders of boss Bo ...  
Tags : Boat   , Posted on 2010-08-03
Motor Boat Motor Boat
. .Pass: ebooksatkoobe.  
Tags : Boat   Motor   , Posted on 2010-04-15
Boat People (en   fr) Boat People (en fr)
Vo Linh, "Boat People (en + fr)" Erotic Comix; english, french; 46 pages; jpg; 31,3 MB Not all books on AvaxHome appear on the homepage. In order not to miss many of them follow (see top of each page on AH)and visit too :)NO MIRR ...  
Tags : Boat   People   , Posted on 2010-04-14
The Type VII U-boat History/Military The Type VII U-Boat
The Type VII U-Boat (Anatomy of the Ship) By David WestwoodPublisher: Conway Maritime Press Ltd 1986; 96 Pages; ISBN: 0851773141; PDF; 22 MBAt 21 minutes to eight in the evening of 3 September 1939, the SS Athenia, outward bound f ...  
Tags : None, Posted on 2010-03-16
The U-Boat War (Images of War) History/Military The U-Boat War (Images of War)
The U-Boat War (Images of War)Pen & Sword; 2008; ISBN: 1844157865; 132 Pages; PDF; 33 MBThe U-Boat war is a unique visual record of Hitler`s infamous submarine fleet and a grim account of those that lived, worked and risked their l ...  
Tags : Images   , Posted on 2010-04-14
The Submarine Torpedo Boat History/Military The Submarine Torpedo Boat
Allen Hoar "The Submarine Torpedo Boat"D. van Nostrand Co.; 1916; ISBN: N/A; 290 pages; PDF; 8 Mbdepositfilesturbobithotfilerapidshare  
Tags : Torpedo   Submarine   Boat   , Posted on 2010-04-14

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