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World War I (Vol.2) Biographies World War I (Vol.2) Biographies
Tom Pendergast, Sara Pendergast, "World War I (Vol.2) Biographies"Gale; ISBN: 0787654779; 2002; PDF; 199 Pages; 8 MbThis resource presents comprehensive coverage of the World War I period. World War I: Almanac contains 12 chapters cove ...  
Tags : Biographies   World   , Posted on 2010-04-13
The Crusades: Biographies History/Military The Crusades: Biographies
J. Sydney Jones, The Crusades: BiographiesGale Publishing; ISBN 0787691771; 2004; PDF; 14.7 MB; 238 pagesThe Biographies include profiles on twenty-five men and women who attained some form of notoriety during this period in history. ...  
Tags : Biographies   Crusades   , Posted on 2010-03-15
Biographies & Space History/Military Biographies & Space
Biographies & SpaceRoutledge; 197 pages; 2008; ISBN: 0415365511; PDF; 2 mbBringing together a collection of high-profile authors, "Biographies and Space" presents essays exploring the relationship between biography and space and how sp ...  
Tags : Space   Biographies   , Posted on 2010-03-16
Cancer (Biographies of Disease) Technical Cancer (Biographies of Disease)
Cancer (Biographies of Disease)Publisher: Greenwood; ISBN: 0313359792; edition 2009; PDF; 174 pages; 1,21 mbOnce a certain death sentence and often a cause for shame, cancer is now a treatable disease. Cancer provides a broad introduct ...  
Tags : Disease   Cancer   Biographies   , Posted on 2010-04-16
Reconstruction Era: Biographies Edition 1. Nonfiction Reconstruction Era: Biographies Edition 1.
Roger Matuz, Lawrence W. Baker, «Reconstruction Era: Biographies Edition 1.»Gale; ISBN: 0787692182; 2004; PDF; 246 pages; 24.08 MB“"Twenty-four Biographies are provided here with an additional article, "Confederate Leaders," wh ...  
Tags : Edition   Biographies   , Posted on 2010-03-16
Renaissance And Reformation Biographies Renaissance And Reformation Biographies
Peggy Saari - Renaissance And Reformation Biographies Quote: Author: Peggy Saari; Aaron Maurice SaariRelease: 2002Publisher: U·X·LFormat: PDF 386 pagesISBN: 0787654701 (0-7876-5470-1)ISBN 13: 9780787654702 (9 ...  
Tags : Reformation   Renaissance   Biographies   , Posted on 2010-03-16
American Indian Biographies History/Military American Indian Biographies
Carole A. Barrett, Harvey Markowitz, R. Kent Rasmussen, «American Indian Biographies»Salem Press; ISBN: 1587652331; 2005; PDF; 623 pages; 10.16 MBThe book contains essays on religious, social, and political leaders; warriors; and ref ...  
Tags : American   Biographies   Indian   , Posted on 2010-03-16
Dr. Dre: A Biography (Greenwood Biographies) Lyrics & Music Dr. Dre: A Biography (Greenwood Biographies)
John Borgmeyer, Holly Lang, "Dr. Dre: A Biography (Greenwood Biographies)"Greenwood Press; 2006-12-30; ISBN: 0313338264; 152 pages; PDF; 1,3 MBIt is almost impossible to listen to a current hip-hop song that does not bear Dr. Dre's inf ...  
Tags : Greenwood   Biography   Biographies   , Posted on 2010-03-16
Black American Biographies Black American Biographies
Black American Biographies: The Journey of AchievementPublisher: Rosen Educational; 2010; PDF; 376 pages; ISBN: 1615301372; 10.6Mb  
Tags : American   Black   Biographies   , Posted on 2010-09-21
Elizabethan World Biographies Encyclopedias Elizabethan World Biographies
Elizabethan World BiographiesUXL; ISBN: 1414401906; December 8, 2006; PDF; 242 pages; 20.97 Mb No Mirror(s) Please !!!//   
Tags : Biographies   Elizabethan   World   , Posted on 2010-03-15
World War I Reference  Vol 2 Biographies Encyclopedias World War I Reference Vol 2 Biographies
World War I Reference Vol 2 Biographies Publisher: U·X·L; ISBN: 0787654752; edition 2001; PDF; 200 pages; 11,9 mbWorld War I: Biographies profiles 30 of the major players of the period, including Woodrow Wilson, Kaiser Wilhelm II, ...  
Tags : Reference   Biographies   World   , Posted on 2010-03-16
Mao (Routledge Historical Biographies) Nonfiction Mao (Routledge Historical Biographies)
Mao (Routledge Historical Biographies) By Michael Lynch Publisher Routledge; ISBN: 0415215781; edition 2004; PDF; 256 pages; 1,47 mb Was Mao the first red emperor or the last great Marxist leader? Mao Zedong was held in awe by his p ...  
Tags : Biographies   Historical   Routledge   , Posted on 2010-03-15

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